Use in the class or remotely; wherever the learner is.

YouTeachMe can be used in class or remotely.

YouTeachMe was designed in a pre-pandemic world. It was designed primarily for using class.

Ofsted highlighted that it was essential that not a minute lost and every available minute in a lesson should be productive, and children should be learning. This is an impossibility in many classrooms because of the age or the ability of the children.

Inevitably there is time in a lesson, where teachers have to go to each table and explain what they want pupils to do. That’s unintentional wasted time. YouTeachMe was designed to overcome this by enabling the teacher to make a quick video for each group which is played on their table. Not a minute lost.

YouTeachMe was designed to make the class teacher like a conductor of an orchestra where learning is happening in different ways for different learners at different times.

YouTeachMe lends itself very nicely to homework, as research during the pandemic has highlighted there is a need for the solution for teaching and learning to move seamlessly from the classroom to the home. That’s what YouTeachMe delivers; seamless transference of teaching and learning,

That also covers things likef a school has norovirus closure for two days lessons can continue remotely and when they come back in the teacher can slip back into the classroom usage. Similarly if a child needs to have space away from their peers in a SEND setting their teacher can go with them into a sensory room for example to continue their learning when they are calm.

Teach anything ANYWHERE.

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