Personalised and differentiated learning.

Generic is everywhere today. Personalisation in education is key.

YouTeachMe delivers this because the video content pupils receive is only visible to them, and therefore they’re receiving a personalised teaching experience, whether the video content is sent only to them, or whether it’s sent to them as part of a group or class or year group. The video is still only viewed by them. Over time children will receive video content that’s different to their peers in different subjects, they’ll receive them at different times. Providing a personalised teaching experience.

For parents YouTeachMe enables the parent/carer to truly get involved in their child’s education. The traditional parent information sessions where adults come along after school evenings or coffee mornings is elevated. Videos help parents understand easily how their child is being taught. The personalisation element is what’s so transformational with parental engagement.

When it comes to CPD the personalised element is teachers going to the search page to find things that they don’t feel confident in teaching or video content from our providers or practitioners. This personalised CPD is where YouTeachMe is transformational for your staff.

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