The outcomes expected from our collaborating partner, Derby College Centre for Excellence in SEND:

  1. Reduced administration time and cost (by more than half).
  2. Reduced staff time and ease of use.
  3. Increased accuracy of records.
  4. Immediate access to data for planning and improvement.

What we have now:

  1. Track progress in any area through video, photo, or document records.
  2. Cloud based service with no conflict with current IT.
  3. Works on any internet connected device and is safe and secure.
  4. Each learner, parent, and staff member, has their own secure account.
  5. Set targets for individual learners.
  6. Set questions, assessment windows and access from a central admin.
  7. Set reminders for all to complete questions.
  8. Collate answers to questions and display in a spider-gram immediately.
  9. Upload evidence of progress at any time, from learner, parent or staff.
  10. Create a Living CV to show prospective employers.
Organisational Benefits

Can you help us develop this further?  We are looking for 1,000 learners to join a Market Trial.  We offer:

  1. An opportunity to contribute and influence the service.
  2. A continuation of the Market Trial license fee of £50 per learner (min 100 learners) as long as the College remains in the service.  Derby College and Weston College, both Centres for Excellence in SEND, are joining the Market Trial. 
  3. Proceeds from the Market Trial will be used to develop the fully designed product for release in September 2022.
  4. The initial public offering of the service will be between £95 and £125 per learner.
  5. Inclusion of our teaching and learning, CPD, and distance learning service at no cost.
Teacher Benefits of EHCP Tracker

What we are developing for 2022/3, and need your input for:

  1. Data analysis to track cohorts.
  2. Alert for anomalous data for early intervention.
  3. User friendly dashboard.
  4. Reporting structure for export to external reports.
  5. Transfer of learner records to different settings.

We need 1,000 learners to be able to make sure learners, parents, and staff find the service effective and easy to use.  We ask that you make a senior leader and 3 staff available (including admin)to provide feedback.


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