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Why YouTeachMe? That’s a good question.

Simple; school improvement. 

Whatever your Ofsted Areas for improvement are, YouTeachMe will enable you to improve in those areas more effectively and more efficiently, with rapid, demonstrable impact. 

Whether you are a mainstream school, special school, deaf school, hospital or virtual school or indeed, involved in peripatetic support services or teacher training, YouTeachMe will help you improve. 

Put simply:

  • It’s about quality first teaching in the classroom, at home or wherever learning needs to take place.
  • It improves the professional development of all staff in school.
  • It increases parental engagement because parents are able to see exactly what and how their children are being taught for the first time
  • It drives inclusion because it enables all children to access teaching that they need in the format that they need it when they need it
  • Each child can be supported however they need it and by teachers with specialist knowledge, working in other schools via our extensive library.
  • It’s about reducing staff workload; if you can draw upon the knowledge and expertise of other professionals
  • It’s about creating a network so you can follow those whose work you like, you respect what they’re doing and you’re able to take their content and embed it into your own lessons.
  • It can improve senior leadership and governance.
  • And you can improve achievement and progress.

Thinking differently to how schools work; how teachers teach; how kids learn; how schools support each other*; how professionals learn together; seeing true parental engagement. It’s exciting stuff!

*how schools work together is all about sharing resources, learning from the best

If you would like to explore how YouTeachMe can help you improve your setting get in touch with us we’ll show you how YouTeachMe can help.

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