Create groups of teachers to share teaching / CPD across the school or many schools.

Every member of staff in every school is displayed within YouTeachMe so like Facebook you can find and connect with them by sending a network request. Create a connected community

Apply this to a Multi Academy Trust with multiple communities within that as well as the standalone community the actual MAT is. Like the headteacher community; connecting them on YouTeachMe facilitates closer working together and that all important support mechanism. This applies to middle leaders, deputies, subject leaders, stage leaders, SENCO leaders. Every community within the MAT can be connected in full and on more specific levels.

How this works in practise is staff can connect each other’s accounts together, and then they can send video content to everyone within that network. So looking at the Multi Academy Trust you can have a Maths Leaders Network, and have 10 math leaders from 10 academies, all connected together. And when they are creating content they can share with the network of MAT math leaders.

The network feature is powerful for a range of settings like colleges, MATs, support services, local authorities, hospital schools, virtual schools and more.

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