Asynchronous Video (Pre-recorded videoaccessed at anytime. The opposite of live lessons.)

Why do we use a asynchronous video rather than live streaming?

Live streaming is typically how Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom operate HOWEVER asynchronous video is far more powerful than live streaming. There’s the well-known issues of timescales; is a young person able to get to join the live stream at the right time? Is there sufficient access to devices? This is more on time and not on demand. 

Asynchronous video on the other hand, can be accessed at any time can be accessed as many times as needed, can be paused and played can be rewound and rewatched. None of this is possible with live streaming. 

Asynchronous video has longevity. 

So not only can the student access it whenever they want (or can) but the teacher can choose to use asynchronous video as many times as they need to. 

This means video content that’s created and recorded can be used, potentially, for years to support multiple cohorts of students. 

YouTeachMe then goes one step further than this video just being for one class to learn from; other staff can use the video to learn themselves or to help a child progress or catch up in their class.

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