Follow other teachers to see their latest videos.

Create your group and follow other teachers who inspire you or provide you with the teaching and learning that you want to deliver in your school or classroom. Think of YouTeachMe as a bit like a social media platform that’s super safe and easy to find what you are looking for!

When we were building YouTeachMe we took elements from the range of social media platforms that were powerful and we stripped out the dangerous and unpleasantness. By taking the principles makes social media that’s powerful, like following people on Twitter, we applied this to YouTeachMe where you can find teachers or subjects to ‘follow’.

Every video in the library has the name of the creator on so you can easily find the rest of their content. This is excellent if a teacher in a mainstream school wants to access teaching by a SEND specialist to support their learners in their classroom who need that support. Or even if you have pupils who are high achievers you can access secondary content to keep them engaged and push them on!

You don’t need to do anything more than favourite your favourites. Any new videos will land in your account automatically.

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