Get sporty!

Are you wondering what more than new PE equipment you can spend your PE premium on?

Did you carry over your underspend for your PE premium?

Have you got outsourced PE provision but want to elevate your staff’s sporting knowledge?

Do you find your pupils are more settled and ready to learn the more physical activity your school day contains?

And more to the point why all the questions!?!

YouTeachMe is approved for use on PE premium expenditure; that’s right we are AfPE accredited. That means UK schools can spend some of the £320million PE premium on bringing in YouTeachMe to their school.

But why would you do that? Here our top 10 reasons:

  1. You can send home videos for children to watch BEFORE the new round of PE topic begins. This means learning starts before the first PE lesson.
  2. Staff without specialist knowledge can run after-school sports club at your school using video resources from our library.
  3. You can make PE accessible to all abilities in your class with personalised teaching when they need is, as often as they need it.
  4. There’s professional coaches providing lessons for your teachers to use.
  5. Lawn Tennis Association coaches have worked with YouTeachMe to produce a wide range of  videos from introductory skills to advanced techniques.
  6. Primary PE leads have produced videos teaching key knowledge and skills across a wide range of sports, helping your teachers to deliver quality teaching and learning. 
  7. Save workload for your teachers; the PE Lead can create videos for your team to use in lessons, or they can select and share the ones we’ve already made. 
  8. Create excitement for activity by producing short 2 minute inspirational videos to help all children remain active.
  9. Find the sport you want to understand how to teach, like hockey, watch the videos as a class OR share them with your children to help them progress in the lesson.
  10. YouTeachMe can be used in the classroom as well as remotely or at home. Wherever there is WiFi you can press play.

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