Is your day disrupted?

Teenager who is depressed or sad

Over on Reddit a post from a UK secondary school teacher caught our eye, as did the comments.

In-school truancy.

Disrupted classes.

Year 7 and 8 not settling into secondary life, so going rogue.

Are your staff constantly saying “year 7s don’t know how to behave”?

Let’s take a birds eye view of this; kids who’ve been in and out of their primary school over the last 2 years. Home schooling that might have not met the mark or even been completed. Children who are already anxious becoming even more so after moving schools.

What’s our solution?

Nothing new. Just the adaption of personalised and differentiated learning that has long been at the heart of YouTeachMe.

If you’ve got internal truancy going on how can YouTeachMe help?

With a child’s account on their phone you can send messages and videos to those kids. What type? Well that’s up to you. But you could send them mindfulness videos, messages to help with anxiety, activities for them to do that are not academic. That’s all whilst they are in school, helping them to manage the daily routines. The nurturing stuff that’s perhaps not possible if they’ve not made a connection with pastoral staff or their form tutor. You can communicate with them without being face to face. Words of encouragement and support.

Then let’s think about the kids who are so behind; you knew this from primary school handover reports. Tackling this is easy with YouTeachMe. You can use our secondary maths taught in a primary style from our library. Or you can create catch up videos yourself. This can be done at home, or they can be in the usual classroom or an alternative setting to help them settle down to work.

Then those who are anxious; ones who can’t be in a classroom so that’s why they are ‘skiving’. That’s easy because you can have your curriculum on video, and they can ‘keep up’ whilst being in a safe space.

When a secondary teacher talks about safety for everyone concerned, using technology to help improve everyone’s school day could be just the ticket to help children be the best version of themselves. Without the trauma of confrontation.

All YouTeachMe requires is WiFi and a device; be it a phone, tablet or laptop. It might not solve the issue of truancy to full effect, but it can certainly help with some of the issues being faced in secondary schools today.

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