A letter to school and college leaders

“Take the time to make some sense of what you want to say

And cast your words away upon the waves”     

The Masterplan

When reading Nadhim Zahawi’s recent letter to school and college leaders, the opening lines of this classic Oasis song sprang to mind. You too can have a read by CLICKING HERE

Noel Gallagher knows, as does every teacher, that writing is a skill.  Meaning can easily become lost, so words must be chosen carefully.  

So, it made me ponder; if I was the Education Secretary, what letter would I have written?  

I think it would have been this…

Dear everyone who works in education,  

The work you have done to support your school communities during this pandemic has inspired our nation. 

Your heroic bravery and selfless devotion will be forever remembered by those you have supported, and respected by those, such as I, who have watched from afar. 

Some people think teaching is just a job, but you have shown that it’s much more than that. 

It’s a lifeline for so many and a route to a brighter future for all. Everyone at the DfE understands that this is why you’ve responded to this crisis in the way you have.   

We’ve now reached the end of the most difficult term our schools have ever faced, so I write to you today to offer my sincere thanks for everything you’ve done. 

It’s clear that we will face more challenges in the January, and so I will write to you early next year to share any revisions to the guidance. 

In the meantime, please make sure that you spend precious time with your loved ones. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.  


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