A nod to maths week

Cubes and tablet where child is using calculator

How do you drive school improvement by using YouTeachMe to support progress in maths?

That very much depends on your school!  

If you’re an Early Years setting, you might choose to do it by sharing number songs and rhymes with your parents and carers, so they can sing them at home with their child too. 

If you’re a primary school, you might choose to do it by using the wide range of teaching videos already made by primary teachers, to personalise teaching for every child. 

If you’re a secondary school, you might choose to use the maths teaching of primary teachers to help your Y7’s and Y8’s to catch up with their peers. 

If you’re a special school, you might choose to use the teaching of both primary and secondary teachers to stretch those individual students who’s inclusion needs don’t extend to maths. 

If you’re a deaf school, you might choose to use the specialist knowledge and expertise shared by the UK’s learning deaf maths teacher, or to focus on helping your parents and carers engage with BSL delivered teaching translated into spoken English. 

If you’re a hospital school, you might choose to video practical maths activities that would normally be impossible in a hospital setting and bring them to the bedside to support learning. 

If you’re an Alternative Provision, you might choose to embed mainstream maths teaching into personalised teaching and learning experiences during practical activities.  

Or you might choose to use YouTeachMe in other, equally powerful ways. 

Every school is unique just like every child is, and the ways in which you can use YouTeachMe to drive school improvement for maths will be as unique as you are. 

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