10 years on…

10 years

10 years ago a struggling headteacher had an idea and so our story began.

That (now ex) headteacher is our founder Paul Rose.

His idea emerged as a result of him leading a failing infant school that rapidly improved.

He left headship and ever since has worked to turn that idea into reality.

For years he wasn’t sure whether he was building a tool, a system or a platform. 

The tool he wanted to build would help every child reach their potential and thrive in life.

The system he wanted to build would help teachers become more effective and better supported, whether newly qualified or very experienced.

The platform he wanted to build would help parents become fully engaged with their child’s learning.

With the kind support of mainstream, special, deaf and hospital schools, and AP, peripatetic and ITE/ITT providers, it’s now built.

And to our surprise it’s not a tool, system or platform. It’s turned out to be an approach; a new approach to education.

We call this approach YouTeachMe.

YouTeachMe helps schools deliver more than any other tool, system, platform, software or EdTech that’s on the market today.

We say this because YouTeachMe helps school leaders to rapidly and sustainably deliver real school improvement; whatever their unique circumstances.

It’s inclusive and accessible, so anyone (including adults!) can be taught anything, anywhere, anytime.

That might be a parent seeing how long division is taught, a child in secondary setting needing to learn maths from primary teachers, an ECT needing to access wide ranging CPD, a SEND child needing to access their lesson in a safe space, a governor gaining deep understanding of how their school is workings or a deaf child in mainstream setting learning from BSL signed GCSE maths teaching created in specialist deaf schools….the list is endless.

Have a tour of our features; have a listen to our founder (YouTube link)

YouTeachMe is ready to help you improve your education setting TODAY.

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