Do you work in a special school or specialist setting?


Are you passionate about inclusion and access for every learner?


Are you on the lookout for new and effective ways to teach your young people?


Then join our founding SEND pioneers and revolutionise learning in your classroom for FREE.


What’s in it for you?

As pioneers you will be setting a new standard for SEND education, leading the way for others to follow in the future. You will enable your young people to stay safer, develop the skills needed to live an independent life and work successfully towards academic qualifications that will give them choices.

You and your colleague will be provided with unrestricted access to the thousands of teaching videos already created with special school staff. Your young people will get their own account too, enabling you to send videos to help them learn. Importantly, it’s incredibly quick and easy to use – so no additional workload (in fact, schools tell us that it reduces workload!!!).

What’s in it for your young people?

As a learner in a pioneer’s classroom, they will benefit from the opportunity to explore a wide range of real life situations within the safety of the classroom, personalised learning opportunities across the curriculum, increased parental involvement in their learning and a happier, more supported teacher.

Over the last few years, we’ve been working with a small number of amazing special schools, developing powerful new ways to teach young people. If you want to hear about the impact of this work, listen to leaders, teachers and support staff here

Now, it’s time to reach more learners and prove impact at scale. So, we’re looking for pairs of pioneering teachers and/or support staff who work together in up to 100 special schools, to join our SEND PIONEER 100 project.

We want our SEND Pioneer 100 project to creatively push the boundaries of learning for young people. We want to know what works best in your classroom, with your learners, and how that compares with what we’ve already seen happen in our existing schools. We want to know how easy it is to use and what must be done to improve it.

What’s in it for YouTeachMe?

Feedback! We will ask you for feedback, and your permission to share it; good and bad, warts and all; you could even Ofsted grade us if you wish (as a former school leaders we’re used to it!).

Everything you share will help us to help you better.  This is crucial as we want to improve the level of support we can give to all school staff, learners, parents and carers in the future.

Still interested? Read on to register your interest 

If you wish to proceed and apply to join the SEND Pioneer 100 project then please read the following carefully.  As a company we care about honesty, transparency and openness, so, we’ve set out below what happens if you proceed (and we truly hope you will).


You and your fellow pioneer must work in the same special school or specialist setting and have responsibility for teaching young people.

We will give you, your fellow pioneer, and all the learners you teach, full use of YouTeachMe, at no cost, until February half term 2021.

As standard, YouTeachMe allows you to share video content with each other, learners and their parents. This includes videos that you make yourself (should you wish to).

To achieve this, we will extract data about yourselves and the young people you teach, from your school MIS. Therefore you will need your headteacher’s agreement to the data extraction (we use Wonde to safely do this).

Once connection to Wonde is made, we will extract the names and UPN’s of the learners you teach, along with basic information about yourselves too. All data will be kept in an encrypted admin area, to which only the school has access. Your school will remain Data Controller for the duration of the project.

A record of all videos you make, videos, messages and attachments you send to learners, as well as any records of learner engagement, will be retained within the school admin for the duration of the project. This data will be deleted at the end of the project (unless you decide to subscribe of course!) in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

If, at the end of the free period, you decide you wish to continue using YouTeachMe we will ask your school to commit to a new contract on our standard commercial terms published on our web site at that time. Currently we charge £15 per child on roll per annum.

The decision to go or stay will be yours and we will not pressure you to stay. All we ask is that you give us your reasons so that we can adjust and adapt as required to better support teachers and schools.

Still interested?

Then please register your interest below and keep an eye on your inbox from

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