Learning & Teaching

“When they get home, they can then access the lesson again so they can see exactly what was taught in the way that it was taught and then they go ‘Oh yeah, I understand, I remember…’”
“You Teach Me allows the staff to really individualise the learning and make it really personal to those individual children or that group of children that you’re aiming at…”
“I’ve looked at other schools… and I’ve looked at other areas and it’s been really good. It’s been interesting to see their teaching styles that are different from mine…”

“…if you’ve got a young person who’s working memory is impacted by brain injury or impacted by the treatment that they’re receiving, you may need to do very, very small snippets of that one lesson and You Teach Me allows you to do that.”

“The resources… on YouTeachMe (that) we’ve used the most…a lot about road safety, stranger danger, things that I’ve always found quite hard to resource for our children because it’s not quite at the right level.”
“You can watch another teacher’s video and think, “ooh that works really well with those kind of learners, I can use that”.”
“I think it’s a nice, relaxed way of learning and accessing learning. It doesn’t feel like hard work.”