“It’s important for my students and their families to be able to access the information on both sides of the language…”
“Another way of working with YouTeachMe is in partnership with the NHS and the medical teams…around each young person.”
“You can share that nationally so, for example, if we’re doing a lesson in BSL, why shouldn’t another school that’s got a BSL pupil using it use it?”
“We believe that every child is our child…if we can provide something for schools or for young people themselves that will enable them to access their learning better, to achieve better, to access experiences better, then it is our moral obligation really to do that…obviously, using a video platform like this, enables us to cast our net a lot wider.”
“We’ve got parents who haven’t got BSL as a first language and they have no way of communicating with their child…”
“They can kind of do things that are similar to their peers in their mainstream school, which is really good.”