About YouTeachMe Ltd

YouTeachMe Ltd was founded in 2012 by a serving Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Working together to move on a school in challenging circumstances, the concept for YouTeachMe was born out of a shared desire to enable effective collaboration between teachers. Our company’s aim is to ensure that teachers have the support and recognition that they deserve and that every child is able to learn more effectively through the use of technology.

That’s where YouTeachMe differs. We are the only education company that puts inclusion and access for every learner regardless of age or ability at the heart of everything we undertake. We recognise that in the hands of a professional YouTeachMe gives you the ability to deliver whatever it is you need to deliver to children in your setting.

We live in a multi media world; a world of video teachers tell us that their our kids prefer to watch other kids on a video and they particularly like to watch their own teacher. It’s a fun light hearted way of learning for the children that gives serious results.

A revolution with a difference

YouTeachMe is different from other education companies. We believe that if you want to build a great education system, you have to begin by improving the effectiveness of teaching for the most vulnerable, challenging learners. That’s precisely what we work with schools to help them achieve; great teaching support for SEND learners, their parents or carers and the staff who teach them.

Another area where we differ is in the way that we approach our work with schools. We don’t impose a methodology, strategy or approach. We simply enable you as the professionals to choose what works for you and your learners. Then empower you to transform how you teach.

We live in a multi-media world; a world of video. Teachers tell us that their kids love to have their learning supported through videos chosen just for them. It’s especially powerful when they get access to their own teacher on video! It’s a fun, lighthearted way of learning for all children that gives serious results.

As an accredited AfPE business associate, we are one of a handful of businesses who’ve successfully undergone the stringent process of accreditation. YouTeachMe are proud that we meet AfPE’s values and principles, ensuring teachers access high quality CPD opportunities and high-quality teaching for every child. Our platform offers this and more in all subject areas, including PE. You can use your schools PE Premium to pay for the deployment of YouTeachMe because of our accreditation to use it across all of the curriculum.

YouTeachMe Values

  • Quality
  • Inclusion
  • Equity
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Respect

From our founder

Paul Rose, our founder, is an experienced teacher and school leader. He began as an NQT in an infant school, working in the Early Years.

Paul has always been driven by inclusive practice. Whilst working as the PE lead in his first school, he planned a whole-school sports day around the needs of a wheelchair using child. The Department for Children Schools and Families (as the DfE used to be known) captured footage of this event and showcased it through their Reasonable Adjustments guidance documents provided to 28,000 schools. If you have a quick look at the ‘Essential viewing’ DVD, you’ll find a case-study showcasing Paul’s sports day as the best example of Reasonable Adjustments.

At the end of his third year he was appointed to the role of deputy headteacher. Over the next few years he played a significant role in helping the school to achieve an Outstanding Ofsted inspection grade, one which it holds to this day.


After 7 years in the classroom, Paul moved to take on the headship at another infant school. It wasn’t an easy headship. When an Ofsted inspection noted the immense turnaround in the quality of teaching and learning in a short space of time, Paul knew he’d done his job well.

You can read this Ofted which noted ‘The headteacher has been instrumental in moving the school forward. Under his determined and very effective leadership weaknesses in teaching and in the assessment of pupils’ progress have been tackled successfully.’ https://files.ofsted.gov.uk/v1/file/2287597

Throughout this career Paul has been committed to the improvement of education for every child in his care. To achieve this he ensured honesty, transparency, integrity and openness; first with staff, parents, governors and the local authority and now through the way he leads YouTeachMe.

Designing an intervention programme

In addition to this, Paul became part of a Derby-city task force, investigating possible links between physical development and academic achievement. After a three-year action research program it was shown that poor physical development led to weaker academic outcomes. An intervention programme was successfully designed, trialled with Paul’s class and under the guidance of the Primary Care Trust, rolled out to all schools in the city. The intervention programme is still used within the city; schools now provide a child with two rounds of this intervention before being able to refer a child to physiotherapy.

Paul outlines why he developed YouTeachMe.

‘My headship taught me that the best way to build a school that’s able to meet the needs of every learner, is to employ great people and then help them to learn from great professionals working in their own and other schools.

I looked for technology to deliver this. When I couldn’t find anything, I quit and built it.

Since then, my small team and I have worked with a small number of incredible schools, developing a revolutionary approach to education that is fair, inclusive and the highest quality experience for everyone – learners, parents, staff and leaders!

As a former headteacher I know that it doesn’t matter what I say about YouTeachMe. The only thing that matters are the opinions of education professionals who use it every day.

I will leave you to explore this website to hear the thoughts and opinions of leaders, teachers and support staff who talk about teaching and learning, CPD, Covid-19 and much more. If you like what you hear, please get in touch with us, fill in a contact form or book a quick demo and see how YouTeachMe will revolutionise your school.

I look forward to hearing from you so that I can show you why YouTeachMe revolutionises so much for your children, their parents and the staff that teach them.